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“….in all of the thousands and thousands of pieces I have created, l have always tried to blow into the glass a little bit of my soul as well.

( Archimede Seguso from “The Notebooks of Archimede Seguso” no. 11, 1996)


XX Biennal

Bulliccante sphere, h. 16 cm., diam. 22 cm., design by Flavio Poli.

Equal sized air bubbles situated in overlapping layers in the thick solid glass.

1937 VI Triennal / 1938 XXI Biennal

Hippopotamus, h. 8.5 cm., design by Flavio Poli.

Sculpture made of green acidated north glass, the solid is sculpted to represent a hippopotamus emerging from the water together in a single mass.



XXV Biennal


Sculpture of a nude in iridescent glass submerged in crystal.



IX Triennal


XXVI Biennal

Merletto” vases and bowls

Dense three-dimensional woven netting. Uninterrupted or with “eyes” or “windows” Made with opaque white or amethyst glass.

Fantasia a nastro” (Ribbon pattern) vases and bowls

Internal decoration in white and amethyst glass with a diagonal pattern.


XL Collective Exhibit

Opera Bevilacqua La Masa – Venice

X Triennal

IV ͣ Mostra Nazionale Selettiva Artigianato Artistico

Centro Nazionale Artigianato “Angelicum” –Milan


XXVII Biennal

Composizione lattimo” (Milk-like glass composition) vases and bowls

Ribbons striped with milk-like glass threads, separate and close-up, but not intersected, curved with different accents.

Spiraline” (Spirals) vases and bowls

Half renaissance filigree interrupted by twisted threads (milk-like glass filigree with twists of amethyst or vice versa), which break up the uniqueness of the weave.

Festoni” (Ribbons) vases and bowls

Striped ribbons with segments of milk-like and amethyst glass threads, placed on the object vertically or in ribbons.


XII Triennal

New Forms in Italy

Kunstverein – Düsseldorf



XXVIII Biennal

Piume” (feathers) vases and bowls

Vibrant feathers of colored glass rods set in the glass of vases and bowls.

Verres Murano

Palais du Luvre – Paris


XXIX Biennal

“Fantasia bianco-nera” (Black-white pattern) vases and bowls

Patterned decoration in opaque black and white glass.

Alabaster glass hinges

Hinges with sinuous and irregular edges formed with the overlapping of several layers of alabaster glass.

Lamp with concentric spiral multicolor ribbons

Oval lamp

Bubble lamp


Veneding Zeigt Glas Aus Murano

Österreichisches Museum Für Argewandte Kunst – Vienna

Forms and Colors of Italy

Museum Fodor – Amsterdam

Autellung Der Dekorativen Kunst in Venetien

Kassel-Dortmund-Kӧln – Frankfurt a/Main – Würzburg


XXX Biennal

Blue vase and bowl

Glass Pieces of Murano 1860 – 1960

Palazzo della Gran Guardia -Verona


Vidros de Murano



XXXI Biennal

Fili continui” (Continuous threads) vases and bowls

Opaque threads placed vertically, which come down in parallel fashion, following the curves of the object, becoming distant or closer among themselves without ever losing direction or number.



Murano Glass Art Exhibit

Opera Bevilacqua La Masa – Venice


XXXII Biennal

Aleante” vase and bowl

Vase and bowl with soft submersed and blended colors, in which the finish produces chromatic effects in movement.


XXXIII Biennal

Vases with overlapping colors

Vases with vertical blending of ruby to yellow with applications of blue ribbons.

Vases with overlapping colors

Vases in clear yellow glass with asymmetrical overlapping or dripping of red glass.

Plichrome sculpture “Il gioco” (The game)

Brief collaboration with Prof. Rincicotti with whom Archimede Seguso elaborates a series of decorations with acid on plates and vases, creating chromatic effects on the thickness of overlapping glass. The great sculpture presented at the 1966 Biennial, where the elements of glass colored in sheets, used like tiles of a mosaic, are framed in an iron-cement structure, is also the result of this collaboration.



Alte Und Moderne Glaskunst Aus Murano



XXXIV Biennal

Filigrana stellata” (Starry filigree) vases and bowls

Decorations with filigree inserts. White with starry motif. Vases and bowls with threads

Vases with even or degrading narrowings with decorations and shadings of colors given by the overlapping of opaque lilac or white vertical threads.



XXXVI Biennal

“Optical Art” Vases

Herringbone vases: internal decoration with milk-like glass in herringbone pattern

Petal vases: internal decoration, at the base of the objects, with petal pattern of milk-like glass.



Glass Art of Murano of the 1900s

Museo Vetraio di Murano – Venice


Murano Glass Art Today


Venezianisches Glas 19. bis 20.

Jarhundert Staatliche Museen – Berlin


One Thousand Years of Glass Art in Venice”

Palazzo Ducale, Museo Correr – Venice


Italian Glass Art Exhibit 1920 – 1940

Palazzo Nervi – Turin


Sculptures Contemporaines en Cristal et en Verre d’Europe Occidentale di Liegi

Millenovecentottantasei, Germoglio, Controvento,L’immagine, Doppia eclissi


Glas in Murano Kunst und Design

Weiner BorseVienna

Imprint of the Breath



“Vidre Murano Avui”

Capella Del Antiguo Hospital de la Sta – Creu – Barcellona

“La Verrerie Européenne des Annéès 50”

Muées de Marseille – Marseille


“Veneziansk Glaskunst. 1400 – 1989”

Kunstindustrimuseet – Oslo

Sculptures Contemporaines en Cristal et en Verre d’Europe Occidentale di Liegi

Astronauta, Lassù, Profili

“Il Maestro dei Maestri”

Tiffany & Co. – New York


Parc des Expositions – Bruxelles


“Glaskunst in Murano”

Palais Bernheimer – Munchen

“Archimede Seguso”

Venetian Art Museum – Otaru (Giappone)


“The Glass Art of Archimede Seguso”

Palazzo Ducale – Venice

Sculptures Contemporaines en Cristal et en Verre d’Europe Occidentale di Liegi

My Europe, Incertezza


“Silica and Fire. Glass Art in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries”

Palazzo delle Esposizioni- Rome

“The Artisan Masters”

Fortezza da Basso – Florence


“Silica and Fire. Glass Art in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries”

Palazzo Ducale – Venice

“Alfredo Barbini – Archimede Seguso. Two great masters of glass”

Fortezza da Basso – Florence


“Verreries Venitiennes”

Musée Des Beaux-Arts – Carcassonne


“Archimede Seguso MaÎtre Verrier a Murano”

Crédit Lyonnais – Lyon

“ Archimede Seguso Verres. 1950 – 1960 “

Musée Joseph Déchelette – Roanne

“The Sommersi by Archimede Seguso, 1955 – 1995. Forty Years of Forms and Colors”

Galleria Micheluzzi – Venice

Casa dei Carraresi


“Le Uova di Archimede Seguso”

Fiera Avicola di Forlì – Forlì

The Glass Art of Archimede Seguso from 1950 to 1959.”

VIIIͣ Mostra- Mercato Nazionale dell’Antiquariato “Città di Forli’”- Forlì

“Preziosi Vetri di Murano”

Palazzo Bellini – Comacchio


Hotel Giorgione – Venezia


“Le Rotture. Signs of Time”

Galerie Differences – Paris


100 Glass Pieces by Archimede Seguso from 1937 to 1996”

Galleria Micheluzzi – Venice

“IL Gioco di Archimede Seguso”

Fiera Avicola di Forlì – Forlì

“Il Bestiario by Archimede Seguso”

Palazzo Ducale – Venice

“Archimede Seguso. Sculptures – verres”

Galerie d’Art Annie Chevalley – Montreux

Art and Antique Show


“The Verdi Serenella 18. Music, color, form.”

Piazza San Marco – Venice

“The Verdi Serenella 18. Music, color, form.”

Centro “Le Barche” – Mestre – Venice



“The Secret of Murano”

Museum Paleis Lange Voorhout Den Haag – The Hague

“Omaggio a Ferruccio Gard e Archimede Seguso”

(Tribute to Ferruccio Gard and Archimede Seguso)

Padova Arte – Padua

“In diretta dal Big Bang. I quadri-scultura in vetro di Archimede Seguso e Ferruccio Gard”

(Live from the Big Bang. The paintings-sculptures of glass by Archimede Seguso and Ferruccio Gard)

Circolo Artistico di Venezia Palazzo delle Prigioni – S.Marco – Venice

The paintings-sculptures of glass by Archimede Seguso and Ferruccio Gard”

Mostra Mercato d’Arte Moderna – Fiera di Forlì – Forlì

Glass Art and Glasses by Archimede Seguso”

Barchessa Rambaldi – Bardolino

“Rotture. Signs of the Time.”

Galleria Archimede Seguso – Treviso



“Retrospettiva sul Design Italiano nel campo dell’Illuminazione” (Retrospective on Italian Design in Lighting)

Salone Internazionale del Mobile/Euroluce – Milan

Museo Archeologico


“L’Elogio dell’Acciuga”

Canelli – Turin



“Archimede Seguso “

Théatre des Celestins – Lyon

 Magiche Trasparenze. I Vetri dell’Antica Albingaunum” (Magical Transparencies. The Glass Art of the Antica Albingaunum)

Palazzo Ducale –Genoa

Old and new images of Carneval”

Scuola Grande dei Carmini – Venice

“Archimede Seguso and Ferruccio Gard. The Coming Together of Glass and Painting.”

Union Lido – Cavallino – Venice



“Vetro e Vetri. Preziose iridescenze in provincia di Pavia. I Vetri Romani di Archimede Seguso di Murano”

Palazzo Certsa Cantù – Casteggio – Pavia

Venice and the Orient. Artistic Glass Works by Archimede Seguso”

Villa Rossa – Vittorio Veneto – Treviso


Glass Art by Archimede Seguso

Albano – Padova


“L’Arte del Saper Fare Bene Italiano”

Villa Reale – Monza

“L’Arte del Saper Fare Bene Italiano”

Caserma Coppito  G8 Exhibit – L’Aquila


Regioni e Testimonianze d’Italia. Percorso dell’Arte attraverso le sue Regioni”

(Regions and Testimony of Italy. A Journey of Art through its Regions)

Leonardo Da Vinci Airport – Rome



“Archimede Seguso. MaÎtre Verrier De Murano”

Exposition Salle Jean Portal – Sainte – Maxime



“Fragile. Murano, chefs-d’œuvre de verre de la Renaissance au XXI siècle”

Musee Maillol – Paris

“Christ in Repose”

Museo della Basilica di San Marco – Venice