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The Master

The greatest of the century, the master of masters, never imitated because it is impossible for anyone to give life to sand and fire as only he knew how”
(cit. Alessandra Artale)


What I like the most is that which i will create tomorrow…”

(this is what Archimede Seguso always stated when asked which piece he loved most)



Archimede is no longer among us since September 6, 1999, he is gone, as he would say, to go make “Chandeliers for Heaven”, after having lived a long, creative, intensely laborious life.

Entrepreneur and glass making master working in Murano like his ancestors in the Middle Ages, he personified the tradition, the technique, the inspiration, the dexterity and was the one who rediscovered the Eighteenth century filigree. His fabric, his laces, are world famous.

Archimede Seguso never lost sight of the historical moment he was living in and was gifted with an intuition which foresaw trends. The Master possessed that disarming simplicity which made him a very charismatic person for his captivating characteristics of human nature where the intelligent irony escaped the risks of self-satisfaction.

A large part of the Twentieth century has seen Archimede as the avant-garde leading character of glass art. A great technical study emerges in his work, it is at times very complex, but always tied to the formal quality and therefore freed from pure virtuosity. Creator and tireless inventor of forms and inimitable works, he has seen his pieces exhibited in many museums all over the world and his art is particularly esteemed by collectors.

In life, it was never his intention to produce works of art, but had always desired to create beauty, for himself and for the joy of others.