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Guided tours


The collection by Archimede Seguso, which will be shown temporarily in some of the sale rooms of the antique and historical glass factory in Murano, boasts works which cover the entire period of the Nineteenth century.

A journey into the art of glass, in which you can admire some extraordinary pieces which outline periods, styles, innovations, artistic abilities and expression, by a man who all over the world was defined as the “Master of Masters”.

The museum, considering the noteworthy amount of pieces on exhibit and their rarity, can be indifferently covered according to historical eras, exhibits (Triennials, Biennials, etc…) or workmanship techniques.




Having left the family furnace, in 1946 Archimede Seguso founds his own, which begins to operate completely on October 10, 1948. Constructed immediately after the war it was conceived in an innovative way already at that time, with an exterior studied in such a way as to allow for a specific pathway for the flow of goods, from the moment the prime materials entered, to the exit of the manufactured goods; and nonetheless this demonstrates historic equipment transported and made productive for the pleasure of tradition and the beauty of simple things.

The ovens are antique in this “traditionalistic” furnace, and like at the beginning of the century, the workforce can be found around it, working on stools which are at least one hundred years old. The work instruments are historical, handed down for generations and the rods used to blow into are like the ones used by the Romans (today they are only longer). The work rhythms are slow and paced as those of the Renaissance workshops of the 1400s.


Individual, Group tours

The furnace of the Vetreria Archimede Seguso is closed to the public. The tours are to be booked and arranged in advance. During the tours it is possible to observe the glass workmanship, to learn of the traditional techniques of the production and to visit the Museum of the works created by Archimede Seguso.

Informations and reservations

The Archimede Seguso’s Museum Foundation
Fond. Serenella 18 – Murano (VE)
Tel. 041/739065 – 739048