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Becoming a member

Contributing to this project and supporting “The Archimede Seguso’s Museum Foundation” is a unique occasion of crossing the threshold and entering the magical universe of Archimede Seguso with a contribution which is not only economical but also of ideas and experiences, and of enjoying exclusive benefits and privileges.

The Archimede Seguso’s Museum Foundation”, can be supported in different ways and forms:


Joining “The Archimede Seguso’s Museum Foundation”, with an association card subscription which provides various exclusive benefits and experiences:

  • Golden Card
  • Platinum Card


Golden Card

This card offers members an opportunity to have access to exclusive events, to important benefits and to precious informative materials. It is therefore the best passe-partout to best experience the world of Master Archimede Seguso.


Platinum Card

The Platinum Card offers members the chance to immerse themselves into the history, present and past, of the Vetreria Artistica of Archimede Seguso. Experiencing and reliving the Maestro through his heritage which still today is symbol of genius and allure.

To receive additional information regarding the benefits reserved especially for members, please contact us.


Becoming Partner Technical sharing the aims and purposes of the Foundation by providing your know-how and your technical and professional services.


Becoming a benefactor, with a donation and/or pre-tax income contribution.